We spend most of our time at work, where we often have lunch, dinner, and often breakfast. Special attention should be paid to the choice of food, since health, the level of performance and other important factors depend on proper nutrition. Nutritionists have long pointed to the malnutrition of office workers. Scientists attach particular importance to digestive problems.

One of the basic principles of organizing proper nutrition is adherence to the time regimen, which is best not to be ignored. It will not be difficult to establish food in the office if you follow some rules. So eating an 8-hour workday can benefit your health.

People who lead a healthy lifestyle and work on such a schedule have practically no problems with the body, since such people are distinguished by increased activity, energy and stay in a good mood. A person who decides to learn how to control his own body has a steel willpower and an iron character, which is very important for building a career.

Breakfast is an important element in the system of proper nutrition

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Breakfast is essential for the body, therefore, it cannot be neglected. Your wellbeing and mood during the working day depends on what your breakfast will be. Eating in the morning can help improve memory and increase alertness and performance.

Food in the workplace differs from company to company. For example, in some offices, employees are allowed to take a few short breaks, during which they can have something to eat.

We remind you that buns, sweets and sandwiches are high in carbohydrates that adversely affect the body. Therefore, we recommend that you ditch them in favor of fruits. Many vitamins are found in kiwi, banana, pear and apple. For snacks, you can use vegetable salad, dairy products, dried fruits or nuts.


As for drinks, the most useful is water, which should be drunk in an amount of 1.52 liters per day. If you can’t imagine your day without drinking a cup of coffee, then replace it with green tea. It contains the same amount of caffeine, but at the same time it will bring more benefits and tone the body. Avoid soda, which can disturb digestion, too.

5 Healthy and Easy Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings
the event that you do not have time to have breakfast at home, and you have to eat in the morning at work, then healthy food delivery (Moscow) from Performance Food will help you. You do not have to worry about what to eat, as the readymade ration will be at your disposal within the agreed timefrom 6 to 12 hours. For example, with the help of programsWeight Losswith calories from 900 to 1200 kcal, you can comfortably and without stress get rid of excess weight and get results in a short time.

Weight Loss – 900 kcal is a 7-14 day program. The minimum calorie content is not a hindrance to maintaining the percentage balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and ensuring the normal functioning of the body.

Weight Loss1200 kcalis intended for longterm use and is suitable for those who want to smoothly reduce weight without stress for the body. The program promotes the receipt of beneficial nutrients, as well as eliminates the possibility of muscle loss and poor health. With a properly formulated diet, you will not have to suffer from hunger.

What’s the best to eat for lunch?

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At lunchtime, give preference to a hot dish and a second. To diversify the diet will help, for example, set meals in the office. However, do not forget to opt for natural products.

Provide yourself with meals on a daily basis, that is, make sure that breakfast, lunch and snacks are held at a strictly defined time. So you will achieve a wellcoordinated work of the body and an increase in the reserve of strength. Nutritionists suggest the following snack options: fermented milk drink, whole grain bread, nuts, fresh or dried vegetables and fruits.

Some tips for eating at the office

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Eat plenty of vegetables. The fact is that they are easy for the body to digest, do not contribute to drowsiness and energize. Try to include colorful vegetables in your diet.

Reschedule your meals late in the day if you are stressed. If there is a conflict at work, then first try to calm down by drinking a cup of green, chamomile or mint tea. After a while, start eating food.

Don’t drink more than three cups of coffee a day. Caffeine promotes the elimination of calcium from the body.

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