• lamb hip part with fat – 600 – 700 g
  • couscous groats – 300 g
  • turnip onion – 1 pc.
  • garlic – 1 head
  • salt, ground black pepper, thyme – to taste
  • cilantro, parsley, bell pepper, tomato – for decoration

Step 1
Removing excess fat from lamb
Rinse the lamb. Cut the bacon and cut it into small pieces, put the pan on the smallest heat to melt the bacon. If you have fat tail fat, you can use it, but you can melt regular lamb fat, and not just fat tail fat.
Step 2
Cutting meat from a bone
Cut the meat off the bone (the bones can be left in the broth), free it from the films and cut into medium pieces, leaving only the inner tender fat.
Step 3
Chop the onion and garlic
Meanwhile, cut the onion into half rings, and peel the garlic and press down with the side of a knife until it cracks for flavor.
Step 4
We drown lard
The fat can be melted until it is reduced by half the volume – then we will finish it when we fry the meat.
Step 5
Fry the pork, then add the onion and garlic
First put the lamb and quickly fry it over high heat until the color changes, then put the onion and garlic.
Step 6
Stew pork with onions and garlic
Fry everything together with constant stirring over high heat until golden brown. Then you can add water and simmer for about 10 minutes. over low heat under the lid. The greaves can be removed if desired, or you can leave them in a dish or put them when serving to someone who loves them.
Step 7
Next, add the couscous
Then add couscous, salt and pepper everything, mix and pour boiling water to lightly cover, for 7-10 minutes, remove from heat and close tightly with a lid – it will brew without boiling.
Step 8
Lamb with couscous ready to serve
Serve with fresh cilantro and parsley and cut vegetables if desired, spreading the meat on top of the dish.

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