At times, the history of cooking is actually written on the eyes. A couple of years ago, a participant in the 1st culinary forum under the nickname Tiffany told about this dish.

The recipe here “went to the people.” The salad is not only savory, but also beautiful, it will be a great addition to the festive table.


  • chicken fillet three hundred 50 g.
  • grapes three hundred g.
  • hard cheese two hundred g.
  • almonds 100150 g.
  • testicles 5 pcs.
  • mayonnaise


Wash the chicken fillet, put in a saucepan with boiling water, salt, cook for about half an hour. Cool the meat, cut into small pieces. Grate hard cheese and boiled eggs. Fry the almonds in a pan, oven or microwave, and then, apart from this, grind them with a grater or coffee grinder by hand.

Салат «Тиффани» с домашним майонезом – Это со вкусом!

Cut the grapes in half, remove seeds, if any. Put in a dish in layers: chicken, cheese, eggs, grated nuts. Coat all layers with mayonnaise. Decorate the top of the Tiffany salad with grape halves of contrasting colors, sprinkle with nuts.


Chicken eggs in the recipe can be exchanged for sterilized champignons, almonds for cashews or walnuts. The salad can be decorated not only with greenish, but also with reddish grapes; in this version, reddish dry wine can be added to the chicken in the manufacturing process.

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