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Beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff, or Stroganoff beef, despite its French name, is considered a dish of Russian cuisine. There is no single version of the origin of this dish, but this does not in any way affect its great taste. Ingredients: Beef – 500 g. Bulb onions – 1 pc. Wheat flour

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French meat

And again, a little linguistic deception: although the dish is called “meat in French”, it is of Russian origin. It is believed that for the first time this dish was prepared in Paris especially for Count Orlov, a favorite of Empress Catherine the Great. Today there are many variations of

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Roast beef

A traditional English meat dish, the history of which goes back more than one century. Ingredients: Beef tenderloin – 400 g. Pork fat – 80 g. Flour – 40 g. Salt and pepper to taste. Potatoes – 1 kg. For the marinade: Vegetable oil – 80 g. Celery root –

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Mango bruschetta with shrimps

An appetizer for those who love seafood. It is perfect for a festive table. Bruschetta attracts with its stunning views and divine taste. Guests will be satisfied. Components: one mango; wheat bread; prepared shrimp; garlic; cheese (camembert or brie); one lemon; spices. Lubricate bread dried in a hot oven or

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