Chicken salad with carrots and Chinese cabbage. This salad will appeal to lovers of light dietary meals. It is filled with oil, therefore it does not harm the figure at all!


  • chicken fillet three hundred g.
  • reddish onion two heads
  • tomatoes two pcs.
  • cucumbers two pcs.
  • bell pepper reddish one pc.
  • yellowish bell pepper one pc.
  • Chinese cabbage 1/2 fork
  • greenish onion, one bunch
  • for refueling:
  • sour cream two tbsp.
  • mustard one tablespoon
  • garlic one clove
  • ground black pepper


  • Cut a small onion in half, and then chop the strips into narrow half rings, pepper and cabbage.
  • Boil the chicken, cut into cubes, cucumbersnot too much into narrow strips, tomatoesinto equal slices.
  • To make the dressing, mix sour cream with mustard, salt and pepper, pass the garlic through a press
  • Transfer the salad with chicken, pepper and Chinese cabbage to a salad bowl, stir carefully, season with sauce, decorate the top of the dish with finely chopped green onion feathers.

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