Not all food a person eats is beneficial. Therefore, when health problems occur, he begins to listen to the opinion of nutritionists and buy foods recommended by a doctor. What food is considered healthy and acceptable for the body?


  1. Olive oil

Is extra-virgin olive oil just as healthy when pan-fried? Study

The oil contains vitamins, polyphenols and acids. If it is regularly added to everyday meals, the digestive tract will work better and the skin will retain its firmness and elasticity. The oil helps in the fight against atosclerosis, because it contains sterols and tocopherols.

  1.  Garlic

All About Garlic

It tends to strengthen blood vessels and all tissues in the human body. Garlic foods help reduce oxidation. With this simple product, you can destroy the simplest bacteria and some types of fungi. Garlic improves overall health.


  1.  Eggs

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Regular eggs are highly recommended by nutritionists because they contain calcium, lecithin, and protein. This product satisfies hunger well and prolongs youth. With only four eggs per week, reliable protection is created for weakened blood vessels, which are exposed to various factors.

  1. Avocado

12 health benefits of avocado

It contains vitamin A and potassium. In addition, this fruit is rich in fatty acids, which are essential for strengthening blood vessels. The special enzymes in the product help the body regulate blood sugar. Avocado satisfies hunger well and fights fatigue.

  1.  Broccoli

Easy Two-Step Sautéed Broccoli Recipe

Its other name is asparagus. For digestion and normal functioning of the liver, heart, this product is indispensable. Green broccoli flowers help improve metabolism. After surgery, when the body is weakened, doctors strongly recommend eating asparagus dishes.

  1.  Fish, seafood

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Eating fish and seafood 34 times a week protects the body from the accumulation of fat and cholesterol. If a person necessarily uses these important products in his menu, then his vessels will be so clean that they will avoid pressure drops. Beneficial trace elements and minerals will strengthen arteries and blood vessels.

  1. Grapes

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Dark grapes contain a large amount of antioxidants that protect the body from the onset of cancer. If you regularly use this fruit for food, then cholesterol plaques will not be deposited on the walls of blood vessels, which means that you can avoid the formation of blood clots.

  1. Kiwi

Kiwifruit: Health benefits and nutritional information

The unusual fruit is brought from Italy, Greece, Chile and New Zealand. If you analyze the taste of kiwi, it resembles a green strawberry. The exotic product is saturated with vitamins A, B and C. The seeds of the fruit contain Omega3 acid.

  1. Oatmeal

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No wonder even the English lords respect her. Porridge made from flakes fills the body with fiber, plant proteins, B vitamins and soluble dietary fiber. Doctors recommend eating oatmeal during any illness because this product is very versatile.

  1. Tomatoes

How Long Before a Plant Starts to Grow Tomatoes?

The beneficial substances contained in tomatoes are perfectly absorbed by the body. These are vitamins A and B 12, trace elements potassium and sodium. Large amounts of fiber help in the treatment of hypertension. But the most valuable ingredient is lycopene, which prevents cancer.

Healthy foods have valuable properties. Each of them helps the body protect itself from unwanted diseases, which are abundant in today’s polluted world.

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