Spicy food lovers use bitter peppers in their menus to add flavor and aftertaste to the dish. But in the world there are special peppers that are measured on a scale of forged (ECU units). Their percentagepungencycorresponds to the lifestyle of local residents. What are the hottest peppers?

  1. Poblano pepper (1000-1500 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

The softest and softest in comparison with the following peppers, which will be listed above. Poblano pepper tastes a bit like prunes. On the holidayIndependence Day of Mexico“, he rightfully takes one of the main places. It is commonly used stewed with white nut sauce and pomegranate seeds.


  1. Hungarian wax pepper (500010000 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

Outwardly, it seems that this pepper is completely harmless. But the Hungarian women will tell you how hot it is in the eating competition. The larger the pepper is, the sharper it is. Therefore, without waiting for full ripening, you can pluck small peppercorns, providing the dish with a spicy mild taste.


  1.  Serrano pepper (1000023000 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

At home in Mexico, the vegetable has a different name – “Time bomb“. To a stranger who has tasted pepper for the first time, it may seem that its pungency is negligible. But it is worth a little wait and Serrano will show its properties. A few pieces of a small 4centimeter pepper create the feeling of a bomb explosion in your mouth.

  1. Cayenne Pepper (30,00050,000 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

The port town of Cayenne, located in French Guiana, gave its name to this unusual pepper. Here the path passed when the goods were delivered from South America to Europe. Cayenne pepper is very popular for making pickles, canned food, and sausages. If we emphasize the peculiarity of the vegetable, then it is an irreplaceable component in the treatment of sciatica.

  1. Thai pepper (75000150000 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

Although the homeland of the vegetable is Portugal, it came to the taste of Thai people who love spiciness and singularity. When preparing fish and meat dishes, Thai pepper is an irreplaceable assistant. It is also added to sauces and salads. For women, the vegetable helps to get rid of cellulite.


  1.  Jamaican pepper (100,000200,000 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

Fragrant doesn’t mean appetizing. It must be used very carefully in cooking. Exceeding the dose can cause burns. Therefore, novice cooks should adhere to the recipe. Jamaican pepper adds piquancy to sauces, pickles, spices, meat and dairy products.


  1. Pepper Scotch Beanie (100000350000 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

For the resemblance to the beret of the inhabitants of Scotland, he was given this name. The vegetable is very spicy and when the dose is increased, it can provoke dizziness and numbness in the limbs. Traditionally, pepper is added to sauces and first courses, but gourmets eat it with a bite of chocolate and fruit.


  1. Habanero Pepper (350000570000 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

There are legends about this vegetable. In ancient times, the Indians of Yucatan often used captives as offerings to the gods, who, before the ceremony, were given the opportunity to try their luck and escape the sacrificial bed. The Habanero pepper drink could save a person from a terrible fate. But the victim refused to drink the tincture, realizing that this would make death more painful. In modern times, pepper is indispensable in the preparation of Tobasco sauce and tequila.


  1. Naga Jolia (9700001001304 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

Just think. To start adding pepper to a dish, you must first dissolve it in water, observing the proportion: 1 gram: 1000 liters of water. Imagine how hot and dangerous the mixture is.


  1.  Trinidad Scorpion Pepper (8550001463700 ECU)

Топ 10 самых жгучих перцев в мире

It is used as a barrier against unwanted insects. The concentration of the vegetable is so high that it is necessary to grow and process peppers in special protective suits. Trinidad scorpion is added to ship paint and tear gas.

Breeders, engaged in breeding new varieties, get unusual vegetables. In appearance, they do not differ from their relatives, but the taste has been radically changed. Therefore, before you bring home the vegetable you like, ask about its characteristics, so as not to bring trouble.

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