Each of us is divided into 2 types of people: loves sweets and not. Cakes are a special dish. There is simply no way to refuse such a delicacy. For many of us, cake resembles the taste of childhood, creating a festive atmosphere. The first cakes appeared in ancient Egypt. Even then, cooks learned to use milk, honey and sesame seeds together. The classic cake in its modern form appeared in France. The chefs of this state managed to create a number of unique recipes that are known all over the world today. Consider the top 10 most delicious cakes that our people know and adore.

  1.  Anthill

Russian Ant Hill Cake Recipe | Allrecipes

Anthill cakethe remains of the Soviet past. There are several advantages: excellent taste, minimum ingredients and an easy recipe.


  • butter (200 g);
  • boiled condensed milk (jar);
  • sour cream (200 g);
  • flour (3.5 cups);
  • soda, salt;
  • sugar (0.5 cups).
  • Knead flour with sour cream, butter and sugar. We add salt and water. We bake the dough at 180 degrees in the oven until golden brown. Cream preparation: butter and condensed milk are mixed (beat well). After that, the cream is applied to the dough.


  1.  Honey cake

Russian Honey Cake Recipe - NYT Cooking
cake is very popular in the CIS countries. Was born not by chance, but thanks to the incident with Ekaterina Alekseevna (Empress). She flatly refused honey, so the chef developed her own cake recipe, which she liked.


  • sour cream (2 glasses);
  • vanillin;
  • baking powder (teaspoon);
  • eggs (2);
  • butter (100 g);
  • honey (120 g.)
  • granulated sugar (glass);
  • flour400500 g;
  • sugar (150 g).

Combine eggs, honey, add sugar and beat well. Add baking powder and flour, knead the dough. Divide the dough into 6 parts (each must be rolled out). We heat the oven to 200 degrees and bake 6 cakes. Next, prepare the cream by mixing sour cream and icing sugar. Apply cream to each cake. To decorate the honey cake, you can put nuts or chocolate chips on top.

  1.  Prague

Recipe For The Most Delicious Prague Cake You Will Ever Taste - NewsLinQ | Greek desserts, Sweets recipes, Sweet desserts
creator of the cake is Vladimir Guralnik. The cake got its name thanks to Guralnik’s studies in Czechoslovakia.


  • milk (3 tablespoons);
  • icing sugar (4 tablespoons);
  • cocoa (4 tablespoons);
  • condensed milk (can);
  • butter (250 g);
  • flour (1.5 cups);
  • granulated sugar (glass);
  • sour cream (glass);
  • eggs (3).

Combine sugar, sour cream, condensed milk and eggs, beat. Next, put flour and cocoa into the mass (beat again). We put in the oven at 180 degrees. We get the cake, which we divide into 3 parts. To create a cream, you should use butter and condensed milk, then beat it all with a mixer. Glaze is made from powdered sugar, butter and milk.

  1. Esterhazy

Torte Eszterházy - Bake-Street.com
after its creator (Pala Esterhazy). The cake is very popular in Hungary and Austria.


  • vanilla sugar;
  • cinnamon;
  • flour (200 g);
  • eggs (10);
  • milk (200 ml);
  • condensed milk (200 g);
  • walnuts;
  • butter200 g;
  • sugar (300400 g).

Beat egg whites with sugar and salt, fry the walnuts. We heat the oven to 160 degrees, cook the cakes for 2025 minutes. To create a cream, you should combine vanilla sugar, eggs, starch, milk. We warm all this smoothly and stir constantly. Add condensed milk at the last moment.

  1.  Monastic hut

Monastery Hut”: Master iconic pyramid cake for berry season - Russia Beyond
cake is very popular for housewarming.


  • butter;
  • sour cream;
  • sugar;
  • cherry;
  • chocolate;
  • flour.

First, straws with cherries are collected. After each one is smeared with cream and carefully laid out among themselves, giving the cake the appearance of a hut.

  1. Bird’s milk

Тοрт ”Птичье молоко” — сοвершенный десерт. Hе прοпустите этοт чудесный рецепт | Кулинарушка - Вкусные Рецепты
often it can be found in the form of small candies, but initially the cake was in the greatest demand.


  • flour;
  • sugar;
  • butter;
  • eggs;
  • condensed milk;
  • chocolate;
  • gelatin.

First, the cake is prepared, after a separate soufflé. The difficulty level is high. It will be difficult for a simple hostess. The soufflé recipe can be found online.

  1.  Cheesecake

Cheesecake (No-Bake) - Cookidoo® – the official Thermomix® recipe platform

An original but very difficult cake to prepare.


  • butter;
  • cream cheese;
  • sugar;
  • biscuit;
  • starch;
  • eggs.

The most popular cake of 2019 is cheesecake. Experts call this type of pies. It is impossible to describe the recipe in two words, the recipe is difficult to execute for those who have no experience.

  1.  Tiramisu

The original tiramisu recipe: classic version | Alitalia Discover Italy

A luxurious cake that delights with an abundance of flavors. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert.


  • eggs;
  • mascarpone;
  • chocolate;
  • wine;
  • biscuit;
  • coffee;
  • sugar.

Tiramisu is a luxurious yet very expensive cake. Not every housewife can fulfill the recipe.

  1. Pavlova

Pavlova Layer Cake With Raspberries and Peaches Recipe | Cooking Light
very famous cake in Australia. It got its name thanks to Anna Pavlova (ballerina from Russia).


  • eggs (4);
  • banana;
  • lemon acid;
  • strawberries (300 g);
  • cream (500 ml);
  • cornstarch (2 teaspoons);
  • icing sugar (100 g).

Beat the whites, add powdered sugar, starch and citric acid. Beat all this well again. We put in the oven for 40 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.


Russian Napoleon Cake (Napolyeon Tort) Recipe
everyone loves this cake, but Napoleon is very popular.


  • eggs;
  • flour;
  • vanillin;
  • butter;
  • milk;
  • sugar.

Freeze the butter and rub it into some container where the flour is prepared. All this is thoroughly mixed by hand. We carefully divide the dough into 12 identical parts, send it to the freezer for an hour. After that, roll the pieces of dough into equal parts and bake the cakes. Napoleon’s cream is made in different ways (can be found on the net). Each cake must be carefully greased with cream.

We hope that these top 10 most delicious cakes will help you choose the most suitable one for you.

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