Tea drinking is gradually becoming a daily habit of many people. With the advent of remote work, most freelancers simply cannot leave the stove, constantly brewing tea after another. It is important not only to drink a cup of aromatic tea, but also to get real pleasure from this drink. Let’s note the top 10 most delicious teas that can satisfy the needs of lovers of this drink.

  1. Rooibos tea

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире

The second name for rooibos is herbal tea. Made only from natural ingredients. The manufacturer has developed its own flavor, which is based on a certain rooibos shrub (from South Africa). Initially, workers collect the leaves of the bush and process everything by hand (chop and roll). Next, the drying and fermentation process begins. Rooibos is often recommended by local doctors in order to lower blood pressure and fight headaches.

  1. Hibiscus

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире

Tea is made from hibiscus flowers (dried). Hibiscus has excellent taste. Often they drink it chilled in summer, but many fans use hibiscus in winter as well. Tea is known not only for its excellent taste, but also for its medicinal properties. For example: it helps to avoid edema, eliminate colds and vascular pathologies.


  1.  Rishi Tea (Earl Gray)

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире

It is very popular in the CIS countries. Bergamot oil is added to the tea. This significantly improves its taste. One sip of Rishi Tea lets you experience the richness of flowers. You can feel, indeed, a natural aroma, slightly giving off citrus notes. Caffeine is added to Earl Gray, which is why it is often used to combat drowsiness, providing real energy value. The tea is strong enough. Buyers can brew it 2 times.

  1.  Harney & Sons

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире

Most modern people use tea bags. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a really highquality option where natural ingredients will be present, and not just another tea dust. In this case, it is recommended to purchase Harney & Sons. 20 bags will cost 400500 rubles, but the quality is chic. Tea contains fruit flavors, vanilla and a range of citrus fruits (all in moderate amounts). Fortress level will allow you to use it twice The only negative is the price.


  1.  Darjeeling (Indian tea)

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире

India is famous for its unrealistic scents. A lot of good tea is produced here. Darjeeling invites everyone to try tea that is far from the most ordinary in taste, because not just the leaves of another unique shrub, but real nutmeg grapes are added here. Customers are delighted with the taste and aroma. Darjeeling is often associated with champagne by many. Upon opening, the sharp aroma of fresh grapes is clearly audible. Moreover, Darjeeling is one of the most beneficial teas that helps fight drowsiness and a number of gastrointestinal diseases.

  1. Ahmad Ceylon Tea

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире

An extremely popular tea among the common people. Manufactured in England. This is one of the cheapest varieties (270 rubles for 120 packets), but at the same time it retains its unique mild taste. The strength is average, there is practically no aftertaste. The tea has a reddish tint. Ideally suitable for morning gatherings, as it is extremely invigorating.

  1. Sencha

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире

Incredibly delicious Japanese tea. It is the most popular drink in the country. Anyone who has a weakness for green tea should definitely try it. Sencha leaves look rather unusual (they look like tight thin threads). Sencha is filled with freshness, herbal scent. Buyers pay attention to the emerald hue of the tea. It is important to brew it for exactly 1 minute. If overexposed, bitterness will appear. Sencha is trying to copy many countries, including China and the United States, but the original version is in Japan.

  1.  Match

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире

Another representative of Japanese tea. Matcha originated in Japan thanks to Chinese monks, and today it is highly regarded by modern consumers. The taste is very rich. Matcha leaves are harvested by hand and dried well (only after that they are crushed to the maximum). As a result, customers receive tea in finished form as a powder, but it is also added to confectionery.


  1. Milk oolong

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире

The perfect drink for relaxation. It is often called tea for the gods. Oolong tea has a particularly sharp taste with a specific aroma. The most popular type of oolong is milky. The type of tea tastes like cream. This is a large loose leaf tea. When brewing, the folded leaves seem to unfold and are completely given to the drink.

  1. Puer

Топ 10 самых вкусных чаев в мире
Chinese tea. The production technology seems to be standard, but in the end, puerh wins with its unique taste. Immediately after collection and drying, the leaves are carefully wrapped in special rice paper. Ripening of puerh occurs over several years. In the process of drinking tea, puerh disposes, relaxes. This is a tea with excellent tonic effect.

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