A variety of mushrooms are already firmly rooted in the diet of many people. Some even like to collect them on their own, going into nature for mushrooms. However, lovers of this activity should be very careful: many mushrooms are poisonous. I will tell you about some of the inedible mushrooms in this top 10 most poisonous mushrooms in the world.

  1. Fiber Patuillard

How to test mushrooms for edibility: myths and reality

Eating this mushroom can cause severe muscarinic poisoning with a fatal outcome. There is even more muscarine in the Patuillard fiber than in the red fly agaricseveral times more. The first manifestations of poisoning with this fungus appear in the victim about 30 minutes2 hours after eating Patuillard Fiber.

  1. Hot russula

Russulaceae - Wikipedia

This mushroom is one of the most poisonous on the planet. The pungent russula is very toxic, but, fortunately, so far not a single death has been noticed due to the consumption of such a mushroom. The pungent russula is considered conditionally edible when properly processed. But its better not to risk it. After all, the processing may turn out to be incorrect, or a person may simply eat a lot of these mushrooms, which can lead to bad consequences.

  1.  Foliotin wrinkled

The most poisonous mushrooms. Photos and names of mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms: photos and names

In nature, these mushrooms are most often found in the northwestern part of America. These macromycetes are very similar to psilocybin, which is used for medicinal concoctions. But unlike him, Foliotin wrinkled is very dangerous for humans. The fact is that this mushroom is very toxic.

  1. The pig is thin

The most poisonous mushrooms. Photos and names of mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms: photos and names

Surprisingly, for a long time, this poisonous mushroom was considered edible! If you periodically eat it, substances from the fungus begin to destroy the blood cells of the leukocytes. Symptoms may not be felt immediately after a person has eaten the mushroom. Signs of poisoning by the Thin Pig can appear for a long time, and the death of the person poisoned with this fungus occurs two weeks later.

  1. Whitish talker

Mushrooms talker for the winter cooking recipes. Smoky talker - a mushroom with a scent of perfume

The whitish talkersurpassedeven the red fly agaric in muscarine content. Muscarine, which contains its fruiting bodies (as well as the fruiting bodies of related species called Clitocybe rivulosa and Clinocybe cerussata), can cause severe poisoning. 1520 minutes after the use of Whitish Govorushka, the victim shows the first signs of poisoning with this fungus. Poisoning symptoms often begin to subside after two hours.

  1. Galerina bordered

Galerina Bordered - a description of where the toxicity of the fungus

In appearance, the Bordered Galerina bears some resemblance to the summer brass. However, do not be fooled by the appearance of Galerina borderedthis mushroom is deadly poisonous.

  1. Spring grebe

Белый мухомор (Amanita verna) или Весенняя поганка: фото и описание гриба

Spring toadstool (also called Amanita muscaria) is called by some a variety of Pale toadstool. Whether, in fact, the Spring Grebe is a variety of the Pale Toadstool or not, in principle, does not matter. The only important thing is that the Spring Grebe is deadly poisonous.

3. sulfur-yellow scalp

Трутовик серно-жёлтый (Laetiporus sulphureus) фото и описание

These deadly macromycetes are usually found in light forests. The first signs of poisoning with Sulfuryellow False Foam appear in the victim a few hours after such poisonous mushrooms have been eaten.

  1. Amanita

Amanita muscaria - Wikipedia

There are several varieties of this deadly poisonous mushroom. Below I will describe some of them. Amanita muscaria is a very poisonous mushroom. It contains muscarine and muscaridin, which are inherent in other poisonous fly agaric, as well as scopolamine and hyoscyamine, which are found in henbane, datura and some other poisonous plants. Amanita muscaria has an additional dangerinexperienced mushroom pickers can mistake it for some kind of champignon, which looks like this poisonous mushroom. The type of fly agaric Amanita Ocreata is popularly called theangel of death” … In general, fly agarics are very poisonous and dangerous to humans.

  1. Pale toadstool

Pale Toadstool (Amanita Falloides) Growing In Summer And Autumn Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 65979317.

In order to get poisoned with Pale toadstool, it is enough to eat only half or even a third of one mushroom (about 30 g). The first symptoms of poisoning with this fungus appear in the victim 0.52 days after eating Pale toadstool. In most cases, poisoning with Pale toadstool leads to death. The pale toadstool is so poisonous that it should not be touched with bare hands, nor should it be allowed to come into contact with edible mushrooms collected for food.

Of course, in addition to the mushrooms described above, there are many more poisonous mushrooms, the use of which can be dangerous to human health or even life. Therefore, if you are keen on picking mushrooms, be sure to carefully study all the information about edible and poisonous mushrooms so as not to confuse them.

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