Fondue is a real find for those with a sweet tooth and romantics. It can be a decoration of any holiday for both children and an adult company. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. What is it and can you cook it yourself? In this article we will tell you how to do this and analyze in detail three of its recipes.
Absolutely everyone can cope with its preparation. The main thing is to observe all proportions and follow the recommendations.

What is fondue?
This dish came to us from Switzerland. The shepherds, when traveling to the mountains, took food from the summer supplies, but this diet was very poor and did not differ in variety. To fix this, they had to look for options to transform it.

Once in an earthen pot, they melted several pieces of cheese and added wine. Bread was dipped in the resulting mass. This was the beginning of the birth of fondue.

To date, it has acquired many options – chocolate, cheese, meat, with broth and ice cream. The basic principle has remained the same, fondue pots have replaced the pots.

To maintain a suitable style, you need to adhere to natural motives. Fancy dishes and cutlery are not suitable for this. If you want to make meat or cheese fondue, you can choose wicker wooden baskets for serving bread. Thus, a whole ritual can be organized. Experiments in this business are welcome, choosing products and their combination, you can create an atmosphere of mountain and snow-covered slopes. Let’s take a closer look at three different fondue recipes.

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