Light yoghurt cream, juicy fruit and crunchy muesli are a perfectly healthy combination for a low-calorie cake.


  • tangerines three hundred 50 g.
  • yogurt three hundred g.
  • cottage cheese two hundred 50 g.
  • muesli with fruit two hundred g.
  • cream cheese two hundred g.
  • cream two hundred ml
  • sugar 100 70 5 g.
  • butter 100 20 5 g ..
  • gelatin sixteen g
  • tangerines four pcs.
  • orange confiture four tablespoons
  • lemon juice three tablespoons


Prepare the biscuit. Combine muesli with sugar. Stir well and transfer to a split mold covered with special paper. Send the cake to the refrigerator. Soak gelatin in water for now. Discard the marinade on a sieve to drain the liquid. Combine cottage cheese, cheese, lemon juice, yogurt, sugar, stir.French Orange Yogurt Cake - Immaculate Bites

Remove the gelatin from the water, allow the water to drain. Dissolve in a saucepan over low heat. In a separate container, slowly combine the cream and gelatin, first a couple of tablespoons of cream, and then put another. Refrigerate. Place the whipped cream in the cream and stir.

Add marinade, stir. Grease the biscuit with the ready-made cream, align.

Send the yoghurt cake with tangerines to the refrigerator for three hours to cool. Then take the cake out of the mold, put slices of tangerines on top, cut into pieces. Heat the orange confiture and pour it over the cake, sprinkle with muesli.

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